We had a vision for how a new approach to PR could help leaders solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


The Idea


In 2007, the year that the iphone was unveiled and the housing bubble burst and new media platforms like Politico and Twitter were launching, we had a vision for how a new approach to PR could help leaders solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. .

We named the firm “Camino” based on a poem that reflected the values we had lived: everyone has the power to make their own path. From the first days of Camino living our values drove our work, and it still does today.


In true start-up fashion, our first offices were in a partially finished basement that once served as a stable for the work-horses that carted baked goods through Manhattan. Aside from a small staff of three (Pablo, Loretta, and Elizabeth), the office was also the home to a rogue wasp and several ghost flies. As if those pests were not challenging enough, soon after opening our doors the nation plunged into the great recession of 2007.

Rather than slow down Camino, the recession buoyed our resolve and helped us cement our reputation as a trusted partner for organizations looking at challenging or tumultuous futures. With the entire world in crisis, organizations turned to Camino to help find a way forward.


We experienced rapid growth our first few years in business and quickly expanded our portfolio to include a broad range of social issues, from reproductive rights to prison reform to adolescent sexuality. International notoriety came in 2012 when Camino partnered with Planned Parenthood to turn a contentious riff between the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood Federation of America into a productive discussion about breast health. The campaign, one of the largest, most widely-publicized national campaigns in several years, was a watershed moment for the firm. Our work was recognized by our peers, winning nonprofit Campaign of the year by PRWeek, among others.

Today we work across the spectrum, from corporations to governments to nonprofits. Camino is always in the middle of many of the world’s dominant media narratives while also working on smaller campaigns and internal communications initiatives. Some of the work we are most proud of, nobody ever sees — we are a deeply trusted crisis and risk mitigation partner.




After eight years of taking on some of the toughest challenges, we know that our founding theory was right — this new approach to public relations does hold incredible power. Our clients have made an inspiring change in the world, and we are thankful every day that we can play a role in the issues that matter most. We cannot wait to find out what new client issues are around the next corner.

If you share our vision and passion, Camino is designed for you.