Stella was born on a cow farm in the finger lakes but has embraced her role as a big city executive diva dog. Stella insists on the highest standards of workplace conduct, including being invited to all meetings and being greeted warmly by all staff each morning. One of her greatest joys each year is to bounce across mounds of fresh snow on the deck. She is strongly opposed to going outside when it is raining unless someone protects her with a golf umbrella. Stella does her best to enhance canine comraderie throughout Chelsea, primarily by barking or howling when other dogs pass by the office.

She is a smart, driven risk-taker with a deep passion for laying so close to the fireplace that her fur becomes singed with ashes. She diligently attempts to help other canine staff meet higher standards and minimize jumping and unwarranted barking. She is a leading canine in the field of relieving workplace stress with a solid track record of using petting, cuddling and companionship to contribute to Camino’s culture of rigor and creativity.