Carlos consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic in performing his duties of door monitor and staff wrangler. He comes from a strong herding breed of Springer-Doodles, and his greatest joy is the Monday all-staff meeting when he has corralled all staff into a single room. He launched Camino’s tradition of using “jazz hands” in lieu of clapping at meetings given his strong barking reaction to clapping noises, and seeks to expand the jazz hands concept across the communications field.

He is able to jump straight up a number of feet in the tradition of Tigger and view the contents of the kitchen counter. His food swiping savvy is unparalleled, including the ability to open and close pizza boxes. His aspirations are to relax in the coveted pig-shaped dog pillow when Stella allows him his turn.  Carlos contributes to Camino’s rigor and excellence by closely monitoring the activities of all staff and visitors.