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Camino offers a unique intersection of communications and grassroots strategies. Camino Public Relations (CPR) is a full-service communications firm with expertise in non-profit issues and grassroots strategies. We provide services to non-profit organizations, foundations, and campaigns. We also occasionally partner with corporate campaigns that are focused on sparking positive social change. We are a woman- and minority-owned firm with a strong track record of reaching diverse audiences. Our headquarters are in New York City, with satellite offices in Washington D.C. and Tucson, Arizona. Our client work has included:

How Camino works


New technology helps you stay informed, but does it help inform your work? From Google Alerts to Twitter, people are getting targeted information. But without a strategy to organize the information and put it in context, non profits can waste time and resources. At Camino, we use a three step process for helping leaders be informed about public affairs: 1) we gather news from multiple public and private sources; 2) we package the news and deliver to it clients daily or periodically as needed; and 3) we provide analysis and reporting, such as whether the news coverage is favorable or unfavorable to your mission, how your organization fits in the larger dialogue about your issues, whether a story is growing or will quickly pass, and more. The future of search isn’t about information, it’s about knowledge.


Camino works directly with clients and works with foundations to assist grantees with communications strategies. We focus our efforts on non-profit causes that are designed to improve the human condition both domestically and around the world. Camino strives to offer smart strategies that are aligned with the budgets and capacities of non profit causes.

For most clients we begin with an informational phone meeting to discuss your needs and objectives. Camino then submits a proposed scope of work for your review. Clients can access a password-protected section of the Camino website where you'll be able to review your work product and get access to training modules and other strategic materials. Click here to contact us!