The Team

{ After all, it does take a village }
Camino PR is led by nationally-recognized communications strategists, as well as by an advisory committee comprised of social change visionaries, including a former U.S. Senator and one of the nation’s most accomplished media arts leaders. Camino PR uses a flexible staffing model that ensures our clients have constant access to senior strategic counsel while still maximizing time available for implementation and deliverables. Listed below are some of the Camino PR leaders:


Camino Dogs Our two office dogs are a constant reminder of the importance of using our whole brains to engage our work.  Studies have shown that pets can reduce stress and increase health, and that’s true in our office. They make us laugh at least once a day. They are always ecstatic to see us.  They aren’t too worried about the news of the day or the looming deadline. They always think our work product is the best ever, and they are sure our small business will attract lots and lots of clients.
Image Where do you find inspiration? How do you let your mind be free while working on important and pressing issues? For us, creative diversions take many forms – playing antique toys, admiring inspiring paintings, or taking smoothie break in the middle of the day. While these breaks won’t make it into our time tracker program, they will help keep our spirits up while refreshing our perspective on life. We can’t imagine a more important line item than that!
Image A healthy mind-body connection is vital for sustained and balanced happiness. At Camino we respect the physical rigors work can impose on the body and take every opportunity to nurture and replenish our physical well-being. From exercise balls in the office to lunchtime visits to the local yoga studio, we support and encourage activity throughout the workweek. This commitment to mind-body balance emanates from our long standing belief the workplace should help foster healthy habits and encourage positive lifestyle choices.
CRP: Worklife balance, kids Long work weeks mean you typically spend more time with your co-workers than your spouse, children or other loved ones. We respect the difficult challenges we all face in balancing family, work and relationships, which is why we are firmly committed to fostering a work environment that welcomes children, spouses and partners. On any given day you might see teenagers doing their homework at our office, or a toddler playing on our deck. Rather than a burden, we see the integration of family and community as an extension of our core beliefs and values