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{ Social change is a team effort }

We help spark positive social change through media advocacy, publicity, communications strategies, marketing campaigns, social marketing initiatives, promotion, and crisis communication. Camino helps organizations reach diverse audiences and utilize multimedia strategies.

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The words of poet Antonio Machado adorn the entrance of Camino.


Camino was founded in 2007 and represents more than two decades of experience in non profit communications. The firm’s strategists have been at the helm of the most prominent and controversial social issues of this time, and have led the major campaigns, initiatives, and organizations at the center of the progressive movement.

Camino is dedicated to bringing new communications technologies and proven media strategies to progressive causes. We believe that smart communications can play a pivotal role in furthering equality and social justice. Camino PR maintains an Advisory Group to assist in strategic thinking, technical expertise, and communications strategies.

Campaigns have included reproductive health care, health care disparities, cancer and sexually transmitted infections, affirmative action, immigration, sex education, LGBT issues, employment, politics, and more. Camino’s leaders have organized the nation’s largest protests as well as community-level grassroots initiatives.